As an associate at SEARCH Group Partners, Ellie has contributed significantly to company efforts to raise the bar in the recruiting industry. She’s known for going above and beyond for all of her clients.

Ellie is passionate about providing companies with real feedback and solutions to workforce problems. In her one-on-one time with clients, she listens and knows the right questions to ask to pinpoint exact needs and understand what is truly at the heart of a company.

“I love building relationships and getting to know a client so well that I feel like I’m a member of their HR team. It’s a great feeling,” Ellie says.

To ensure goals stay aligned and that she finds the bests candidates, Ellie strives for consistent and transparent communication with clients and recruiters throughout the hiring process as well as the follow-up.
Ellie’s strong leadership and staunch work ethic began at a young age. Growing up in Tennessee, her father was at the forefront of the job market. She learned the ropes from industry leaders and fell in love with the work.

“He gets people jobs,” she says about her father. “I’ve always admired the work he does and knew one day I’d build a career around working directly with people.”
Ellie attended Brevard College and earned a BA in Business and Organizational Leadership with a Minor in Psychology. While in college, Ellie was heavily involved with business and organizational leadership programs and received several program scholarships. She was also on the collegiate tennis team, a sport she still enjoys today.