Heather has over 10 years of diverse accounting experience from small start-ups to high-end retail to restaurant groups. She draws her expertise from her time working alongside seasoned professional CPA’s and Executives.

After years of working corporate gigs, Heather ventured out on her own and started a private practice where she specialized in helping established businesses get their accounting department in order.

“What I liked doing were the cleanup projects, the overhauls,” Heather says.

Her client rolodex was diverse, ranging from catering companies and high-end restaurants to private firms. But eventually, SGP’s CEO, Ema Ostarcevic, was able to lure Heather away from her successful practice and bring her in as a partner.

“I was excited about Ema’s vision for the company,” Heather says. “I gravitated towards the culture, the opportunity and the challenge that was presented to me.”

While a career in accounting has suited Heather well, it is a far cry from what she studied at Ohio State University — architecture. Aesthetics and design, however, are still passions of hers and they play a part in Heather’s life today.

When Heather isn’t working and when she is not looking for decorating inspiration for her mid-century modern designed home, she is out traveling and looking for the next great adventure with her family.