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[/av_heading] [av_hr class=’default’ height=’50’ shadow=’no-shadow’ position=’center’] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Tamara has over 18 years of recruiting and staffing experience with a national scope. She was introduced to the industry in Georgia, first assisting with executive-level recruitment for the business of a family friend and later with the agency Staffing Resources. Both of these positions were instrumental in the development of her sourcing and strategic recruiting skills.

After relocating to Tennessee, Tamara joined Human Resources and Associates, which quickly evolved into Staffmark, a company with offices in over 30 states. She played a vital role in Staffmark’s rapid growth in the Middle Tennessee region. Tamara was a key special projects team member focusing in branch start-ups and onsite vendor partnerships. During her tenure, she was able to market her skills through numerous corporate partnerships throughout the Middle Tennessee region as well as on a national level.

“I really enjoy putting people together,” Tamara says. “I love meeting with our clients and pinpointing what they need in an employee and finding that individual for them.”

Candidate, company, and recruiter, Tamara’s connection trifecta, is crucial to the success for all parties. Tamara faces recruiting challenges head-on and uses creative and strategic recruitment avenues to reach the best candidates. She has a consultative approach and enjoys partnering with companies to provide world-class service in pursuit of not only the best match but also the best fit.

“It’s the fit that drives a team from good to great,” Tamara says.

Joining SGP was the perfect opportunity for Tamara to further expand her skills and grow her valuable candidate and corporate partnerships. SGP’s slogan, “Aspire to Hire,” reflects both her focus and desire to give more than take.

In fact, outside of the office, Tamara enjoys volunteering her time to women and children related community service projects.
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